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Tips to get your office organised
Simple Solutions to Get Your Office Organised
Keeping your workplace organised is no small feat. Sometimes items go missing, or files get misplaced. And if you don't stay on top of things day after day, your workplace can go from clean to chaotic really fast.

Avery has the labelling and organising tools you need to get your workplace neat and orderly – and stay that way. And, when your workplace is in order, it can help you work more efficiently. It’s easy to get started. Here’s how:

Label It

Inevitably, things go missing. Items get borrowed, misplaced and then forgotten. But there's a simple trick to remind everyone to put things back where they belong. Label it! We have labels in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can find the label that’s just right, no matter what the item. And using the Avery® Wizard, you can quickly create labels that are easy to read – it’s better than someone trying to decipher your handwriting! Formatting is quick and easy, and you'll be up and running with your new labels in just a few minutes.

Avery Durable Heavy Duty Labels are ideal when you need to label something with your name, or its home. The label will stick! Your stapler or favourite pen can travel around the office, and still be easily identified as yours. They feature an extra strong permanent adhesive, so are perfect for labelling where you want the label to stay put! Try them on: your stapler, calculator, scissors, notepad and diary.

Avery Removable Labels stick on, but can then be removed cleanly. Remember the last time you labelled a file and then needed to change the label? Our removable labels stick, stay and remove! Try them on: short term project folders, storage boxes, document wallets and intra-company mail envelopes.

Organise It

Paperwork has a tendency to build up. It piles up on your desk, ends up in different file folders and even clutters your workstation walls. What do you do when things get too crazy? Organise it! Avery has a great range of filing and indexing solutions to help you get your documents in order.

Avery Manilla Files are great for keeping paperwork together. Try using great range of colours to implement a simple colour coded filing system – or to just brighten up your desk! Using our Lever Arch File Spine Labels you can print easy to read labels for the top of your files.

Avery Dividers allow you to group a whole range of documents in a folder, but ensure they stay organised! With a great range of ready to use dividers, or those you can print, you have your choice of dividing system. The Avery Wizard makes printing your dividers easy, so you can create an organised, professional-looking folder.

Maintain It

Now that you've organised your desk and your filing, make sure you check up on it on a regular basis. Start a new manilla folder for each new project, label new property and keep your dividers updated. Once you've established your organisation system it'll be easier to maintain, and ultimately help you work more efficiently.

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