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File with flair with Avery
Professional Filing Can Be Fun!
Why sit looking at handwritten (and probably crossed out!) labels on the spines of your folders? It’s easy to spice up your shelves by adding customised labels! You'll be able to look at the file, identify its contents, and maybe even have a little smile as you reach for it!

You can use Avery® Filing Labels and our great software and template solutions to design labels that contain the information you need, and add some colour to your office! Specially designed to fit the spine of lever arch, ring binders, elasticated folders, box files and suspension files, Avery Filing Labels dramatically improve the look of your file folders and help to make your filing system more efficient. There’s no need for papers to be scattered across your desk, or for messy, unreadable labels – our labels and designs will fix that!

Avery Panorama Binder Labels – See the Whole Scene!

Fancy looking at a photo from your last holiday every time you reach for a file? No worries – use Avery Panorama Binder Labels and you'll see the whole scene, again and again! The panorama binder labels allow you to personalise binder spines with one of our pre-designed templates, or using one of your own photos. The Panorama Binder Label Kit features Avery software, which allows you to create a panoramic view across 4 binders. Paradise revisited, perhaps?

Tips to Easier Filing

Colour code your folders or binders: as a sales person, try keeping all the files for one customer in blue folders, and for another customer in red binders. If you have the wrong customer information, you'll know instantly.
Prioritise shelf space: keeping the folders you use most frequently near you, is ergonomic and efficient.
Use designs and themes to differentiate: as we've suggested above, decorate the spines with colours, images or themes. You'll find it much quicker to find the right file.

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