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Hard working heavy duty labels
Hard Working Heavy Duty Labels!
Are you looking for labels that work as hard as you do? Do you work with heat, moisture, scuffing and sunlight, and need a label that can survive these conditions? Avery® Durable Heavy Duty Labels are up for the challenge! They are far more durable than the paper variety – great for labelling any surface that is used outdoors or in harsh conditions.

Just How Hard Working Are They?

Check out just how well they meet the challenges you'll throw at them!
  • Tear proof, and with a permanent adhesive, they stick really well to all surfaces
  • They're perfect for indoor and outdoor extremes – heat resistant to 78 degrees celsius and chill resistant to -20 degrees celsius
  • UV resistant, they're great in summer heat
  • Oil and dirt resistant, they're not afraid of getting grubby!
  • Water resistant, they're great in moist areas
Ideas to Make Them Work Hard For You!

Whether you need a label that can cope outdoors, or you just want to make sure your message sticks and stays, our Durable Heavy Duty Labels keep on working for you!

In the Office
  • Mark your products with your company logo and customer service telephone number - they'll last long after you've left the customer's site
  • Label your PCs, PDAs and notebooks with our Durable Metallic Heavy Duty Labels. They're small and stylish enough for use on costly assets.
  • Create warning or hazard signs to comply with health and safety requirements
  • Create a sign with your hours of opening - it will be strong enough to resist heat, cold and rain

In Your Warehouse and Outdoors 

  • Label equipment that is exposed to rain and other water
  • Label tools and chemicals with the peace of mind that your labels will stay on
  • Label machinery with key instructions or points to remember
  • Label your shelves so the correct stock is placed there

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