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Organise your office
Get Ready for the New Year With an Organised Office
Remember the last time you had the chance to tidy up your office? It probably gave you a new lease on your work life! Walking into a clean, tidy and organised work space can help you find things faster, complete tasks more quickly and enjoy your work more. Why not take the chance around the downtime of the new year to get your office into tip top shape? When the phone isn't ringing, and there's fewer people around, it's a great time to recycle, archive, file, store and clean in preparation for the year ahead.

Get Sorted

A great place to start your organising is to sort through all your loose papers, in-trays and document piles. Try and store as much as you can in the appropriate files, folders or storage wallets. With the remaining items, try and create three piles: "Recycling", "To be completed in the short term" and "To be completed in the long term". Dispose of the recycling, then use a coloured document file to store your short term and long term piles. You'll be able to transport them on the train or bus (in style) and work your way through them!

Label, Label, Label!

How easy was it for you to file away all your loose papers and empty your in-trays? If you had all your files and hidey holes labelled, you probably fared better than most! If not, think how much easier it will be if you can instantly determine the contents of a file. You'll work much faster, and your colleagues can also locate files if they need to. Here are a few ideas for combining good filing with good labelling: Work Within Reach

As you're filing, tidying and labelling, try and assess the materials in your hands and in front of you. What do you use frequently? What haven't you used lately? Try not to clutter drawers, cabinets, desks and shelves with files and work that you just don't need there. Some of it you really might be able to dispose of, and others might be better archived. You need to prioritise your space so you can maximise your desk area, and have your most commonly used materials within reach. Keep your most important files and your work in progress near you, and locate older or less frequently used files further away.

Quick Tools & Tips

There are lots of Avery solutions that can help you organise your office space. Try as many as you like and see the difference it makes to your day!
  • Customise printable dividers with your own section titles and turn a jumbled project binder into organised categories of information
  • Don't walk around the office and leave a trail of paper behind! Lock files feature a corner that locks your documents in for easy transportation and easy access.
  • Use printable tabbies to mark important pages for quick and easy reference in corporate policies, catalogues, reports and books.
  • When you finish a conference or seminar, keep a master copy of your documents in a SmartCover presentation book. Store them in a central location for easy access.
File As You Go

Now that you've started the year with a clean area, try and practise the "file as you go" approach. It's pretty simple: return materials to the right file when you've finished with them, and return the file to its home too! It will help you keep organised throughout the year and give you less need for a big filing project next year!
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Now that's smart filling!

Avery FilePro will help you organise your files quicker and easier! Give it a go and look forward to working in a smart office. You'll impress your peers with your speed and efficiency!

New filing you!

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