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File paperwork and email at the end of the week
Five Reasons for Friday Filing
Is your desk or office a disaster zone by the end of the week? Remember that the mess of paperwork and email that you leave on a Friday afternoon will greet you on Monday morning! It might seem like a good idea to race out the door on a Friday afternoon and leave your desk or office in a shambles, but taking some time to file paperwork and email at the end of the week can boost your productivity and give you some peace of mind over the weekend. We can’t promise it will completely cure Mondayitis, but here are five benefits you can enjoy with the regular practice of Friday filing!

1. Less Stress

Desk and office clutter can cause stress. A messy environment can cause you anxiety and a feeling of being overwhelmed, which prevents you from feeling relaxed and in control at your desk. The stress increases if you’re under pressure to find a document or email. Regular filing (like every week on a Friday) gives you greater control over your environment, so you’re more relaxed overall, and can react calmly when you quickly need to provide information.

2. More Enthusiasm

Each new week gives you the opportunity to forget the challenges of the previous week. Clean and organised files can help you look at your projects with new enthusiasm and a refreshed mindset. If you file on a Friday, then on Monday, instead of opening a disorganised and dishevelled file that tells the story of frustrations you felt the previous week, you can open an orderly folder with your easily accessible recent notes. This will allow you to pick up where you left off, with the benefit of a refreshing weekend behind you. You can re-look at the project and its challenges with a new approach.

3. Fewer Distractions

A cluttered office or desk, or a chock-a-block email inbox is filled with potential distractions. Loose paper, business cards, folders, and unanswered emails compete for our attention, and contribute to our stress. Organising and filing your desk and email contents on a Friday allows us to re-establish our priorities on Monday. Without mess strewn across our desks and a full inbox, we can more clearly focus on the important tasks for the week.

4. It’s Easier to Find Things

Trying to work in a cluttered environment slows down your productivity and creates additional work. You don’t need delays and extra work associated with searching for information on your desk, or because you’ve misfiled papers, or in a cluttered email system. If you’re struggling to find a file for someone, or you need to review an email in a hurry, you’re causing yourself stress, and to look less professional. By putting files and emails in their home every week, you’ll familiarise yourself with the location of each and find them easy to locate.

5. You’ll Look Good!

An organised office or reception desk gives a better impression to your boss, colleagues and clients. It makes you look efficient, thorough and in control. A Friday filing session demonstrates your commitment to maintaining an organised environment and sets an example for your colleagues. As they pass your desk on their way out on Friday, they’ll appreciate its neatness and organisation.

It can be very discouraging to start your week when you arrive to a mass of papers strewn across the desk and a disorganised email inbox. Leaving a tidy desk or office behind you on a Friday can give you peace of mind over the weekend and a better attitude to arriving at work on Monday. Schedule your Friday filing session now, or if it’s Friday, start your filing now!

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