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Blast your binder blues away!
Blast Away the Binder Blues
When you look at your files and folders, are you bored before you even open them? Are you afraid of the mess you'll find inside? If your binders and folders are looking a little lacklustre and the contents inside seem uninspiring (or just plain scary!), it's time to inject a little energy and break away from the boring. Take a look at these rejuvenating tricks to bring life to dull and dreary binders and pump up their performance.

It's amazing what a difference a little colour and organisation can make to your workday, so we encourage you to blast those blues away!

Colourful and Strong, Now That's a Start!

With Avery® Moulded Binders, you can have a binder that is hard wearing, yet still adds some colour to your work! It's super strong – it's made from durable polypropylene – and tough enough to withstand travel, rough treatment in your bag, or just repeated use at your desk. It has an easy to grab spine, but most importantly, you can choose from six bright colours that will perk up your desk. Now that's what I call a binder blue blaster!

Pep Up What You've Got

Kick disorder to the kerb by organising your documents using custom–printed dividers. They're easy to create right from your desktop with Avery IndexMaker™ Dividers and free Avery templates. You can use the templates to create a title page and labels for your dividers. With the Easy Apply™ label strips, you can align and apply the labels onto your tabs all at once. With clearly organised sections, the information in your binder will be easier to navigate and will guide you quickly to what you need.

Call Out Your Key Points

How do you call attention to essential information such as a web site or key contact that's hidden within the pages of your folder, or add a comment to a particular section that needs more discussion? For information that needs to get noticed, use Avery NoteTabs™. These durable, repositionable tabs with a writeable, translucent surface area act as a tab, flag and note – all in one.

Hold It All Together Gracefully

It's never been easy to carry loose items from place to place – until now. Made for mobility, Avery PocketTabs™ help keep things organised inside a portable pocket with a closeable flap. A sticky back means you can attach your PocketTab to the inside of your binder and use it to hold items such as business cards, presentation CDs, or your pen and highlighter.

Capture Noteworthy Ideas

When inspiration strikes, don't lose it while you're searching for a note to jot it down. You never know when you'll get that bright idea again! Keep Avery Label Pads handy in your binder for note-taking on the fly. Carry them inside Avery PocketTabs, or peel off the backing and affix the label pads right onto your binder. You'll be ready to capture those brilliant ideas instantly, wherever you are.

We all know that work can sometimes bring on the blues, but your binders don't have to contribute! You can make them look really good on the outside, and work really hard for you on the inside! All they need is refresh and a little help from Avery. With these simple tools and tricks, you can make your binders a knockout – and ready to take care of business.

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