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Four sides - four times the impact

There Are Four Sides to This Story!

If you’d like business cards with true impact, try Avery® Quick & Clean™ Double Sided Folded Business Cards. You can print on four sides: front, back and two inside panels. Four times the space means four times the opportunity to promote your business! Here we show you how to use Avery Design & Print Online to create cards with impact, from your desktop.

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Step 1: Plan Your Card

Instructions: You've got four sides of the card, so it's important to figure out how you'd like to use all areas. We suggest you sit and plan what information should appear on each. Your decisions will depend on what you're trying to achieve with the card. You have the opportunity to use the outside panels for communicating basic information, and adding a promotion, or more detailed information on the inside panels. Take a look at some creative ideas for using business cards for inspiration.

Step 2: Start Your Project

Instructions: Go to Avery Design & Print Online. Click on Create a New Project to get started.
Create your new project

Step 3: Select Your Card

Instructions: Select the Business Cards category, then look for Folded Business Cards in the list that appears. Select the software code that appears on your business card pack (C32058 or C32068). Click Next.
Select your double sided folded business card

Step 4: Select a Template

Instructions: You'll find three types of templates to choose from. You can customise these as much or as little as you like. Try:

Blank templates - when you want to start your design from scratch
Positional templates - where we've suggested positioning for logos and contact details – look for the "YOUR LOGO HERE" text
Pre-designed templates - where we've inserted an image, colours and fonts

There are four panels to work with and you'll design two panels at a time. The templates show two panels sitting next to each other so they look like long business cards. Take a look at a sheet of your business cards and you'll see the cards are positioned the same way as the templates appear here.

Click on the template you'd like to use.
Select your preferred template

Step 5: Customise the Text

Instructions: Design & Print Online will show you the front and back panels of the cards. It classes these as the Front of Sheet. Click on the Zoom button to take a closer look. To replace the placeholder text with your information, click the text boxes inside the template. We've suggested places for the company name, address, job title etc.

Step 6: Format Your Text

Instructions: Use the Format Text area in your left hand toolbar to change the colours, size or styles of fonts.
Add and format text

Step 7: Insert Images

Instructions: You can take any of our templates as a base and add or replace images as you wish! Some images (like sample maps) are there as a guide for you. To insert an image, click on Add Image in the left hand menu. In the box that appears, click that you would like to insert the image placeholder as an Image. A box with NEW IMAGE will appear. To import your own image, in the Change Image area in the left hand menu, click on From File. Navigate to where you have filed your image and click on Open. Design & Print Online will insert your image. Move it into the desired position.
Inserting an image

Step 8: Customise the Inside Panels

Instructions: Click on the Back of Sheet button to see the inside panels of your card. Follow the same instructions to customise text and images. Remember to consider what you had planned to include inside the card in step 1. When you've finished designing these panels, click Next.
Customise the inside panels

Step 9: View Instructions & Print

Instructions: Before you print, we recommend that you click View Instructions first. When you're done, click Print Your Project. A PDF file will open, ready for you to print, with two pages. The first page will contain a sheet of your front and back panels. Page two will contain the inside panels. Print one side of your cards, then the other side.
Print your cards

Step 10: Save Your Cards for Future Use

Instructions: You can save the PDF file and use it for future printing. If you'd like to be able to edit the file, make sure you save the Avery Design & Print Online file: return to Design & Print Online, click Next and then click the Save Your Project button. Your project will be saved in the Avery Design & Print Online format. This allows you to open and edit the project in the future using Avery Design & Print Online.

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