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Using images in Avery Design & Print Online
Using Images in Avery® Design & Print Online
Avery® Design & Print Online is a free software application that is perfect for expressing your creativity on Avery products. It’s the easiest way to add flair and create unique designs for Avery labels, cards and name badges. Follow these instructions and see how quickly you can add, resize and reposition images. It’s easy to create labels and cards that impress!

Entfotr Code
1. Starting Your Project

- Open Design & Print Online and click on Start Now
- Type the software code on your Avery packet in the Enter your product number here field. Click Go.

- The Select Your Product screen will appear if there are multiple products using the software code you entered e.g. L7163. Choose the product you have from the list and click on Next.

- On the Select Your Design screen, choose the template you would like to use. You may see pre-designed templates and/or portrait and landscape templates. The templates you see will depend on the software code you entered. Click Select & Customise to open the Customise screen.

- One the right hand side of your screen, you’ll see the Sheet Navigator, showing the full sheet of labels. If you’d like to create a sheet of all the same labels, click on Edit All. If you’d like to create a sheet of different designs click on Edit One. If you have chosen to create different labels, use the Sheet Navigator to select each individual label.

Images Menu
2. Adding Your Image(s)

To add an image to your project click on Images on the left hand menu:

- To choose from the gallery of clip art, click on From Avery Gallery
- To insert your own image or logo, click on From My Computer

If you’re using the Edit All option, the image will be added to every label. If you’re using the Edit One option, the image will be added to the selected label.

Repeat step 2 for each image you’d like to add, to each label.

Reposition Image

3. Repositioning Your Image(s)

Moving your image is as simple as selecting it with your mouse and dragging it to its new position. It will move freely and won’t affect other objects on your project. Remember to select whichever of Edit All or Edit One is relevant for your project.

Resize Image
4. Resizing Your Image(s)

Re-sizing your image is also as simple as clicking on the image and dragging the edges out to the desired size using the arrows. Remember to select whichever of Edit All or Edit One is relevant for your project.

Skewed Background
5. Creating a Background With Your Image

You can use an image as a background. This automatically resizes the image to suit your label or card, and automatically places all other objects in front of the image. To make the image the background, selecting the image and clicking on Set as Background in the Images menu. Remember that because the image will be resized to suit your label or card, it may not be suitable, as the image may be skewed.

6. Adding Other Items

Use the options under the Text and Shapes to add text boxes and shapes to your design

Send To Back
7. Ordering Your Images

If you’ve added multiple objects (like a mix of images, text and shapes) to your label, then you can utilise an Arrange option within the Arrange, Rotate, Align… tools. For example, we’d like the rectangle in our design to sit behind the image. Selecting our rectangle, and then Send to Back, puts the shape to very back of the design. The image moves to the front, overlapping the rectangle.

8. Preview Your Design

When you have finished creating your label design, click on Preview & Print to see a preview of your project. If you’re happy with the preview of your labels click on Print. An Adobe® Reader® PDF version of your project will be created. If you’d like to make changes, click on Back.

9. Print and Save Your Design

- If you’re happy with your design, print your labels directly from the PDF document
- If you’d like to reprint your PDF, save it for later use
- If you’d like to save your project within Design & Print Online (for future editing), click on Save in your top menu area. You can choose to either choose either MyAvery Online Account or My Computer.

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