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Mini-marketing campaign to sell yourself
Tips and Tools for Marketing Yourself
Sometimes you need to stand up and sell yourself! When it's critical that you get a new job, or you feel you've worked hard for a promotion, you need to make sure your audience understands the value you bring. You need to view yourself as a business or product and plan your own mini-marketing campaign.

Develop an “Elevator Speech”

It's a one minute summary that tells people who you are and what you can do for them. It should introduce you and highlight your capabilities and areas of expertise. Develop it, practise it and don't be afraid to use it whenever you can, but keep it natural, rather than sounding rehearsed. Test it out with a friend or colleague to see if they think you're highlighting your best assets and speaking naturally.

Create Marketing Materials

Your resume and business cards are important tools for promoting yourself and telling people about you when you're not there in person. So keep your resume up-to-date. Look at it with a critical eye and ask a trusted colleague to give you feedback. Don't just list your responsibilities, but describe specific accomplishments. And be creative, so you stand out from the crowd. For instance, design your own business card. On one side put the essentials: your name and contact information. On the other side put a short statement of the opportunity you're looking for. Or list three or four of your most important professional accomplishments. Using Avery® Quick & Clean™ Double Sided Business Cards and Avery Design & Print Online it’s easy to create business cards that are both professional and unique.

Promote Your Accomplishments

Create a portfolio that showcases talent and expertise. Include your resume and business card, of course. But don't be afraid to include other things that tell your story effectively. How about including examples of your work? A write-up in the company newsletter? A thank you note from a client? They will all help to advertise your skills.

Be Well Organised

Make it easy for others to browse through your portfolio by organising the contents inside. You might have sections like Resume, Special Accomplishments, Awards and Accreditations, References and anything else that makes sense, such as Published Writing or Design Samples. With Avery Clear IndexMaker™ Dividers it’s fast and easy to organise your portfolio and make it look professional.

Expand Your Network

Broaden the audience to which you market. Get out there and go to trade shows, association meetings, classes and other networking events. Plan lunches and after-work meetings with colleagues and associates. It’s about building a web of relationships that can lead you to the right opportunity.

Why wait? Every day is a new opportunity. Start today and put together a marketing plan and materials for the most important product you'll ever sell – yourself!

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