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Imaginative uses for Avery Business Cards
Think Outside the Square With Business Cards
There's so much you can do with Avery® Quick & Clean™ Business Cards! It doesn't have to be just about using them as a standard business card. With a little creativity, our business cards can go a long way, at home and at work. We've come up with some outside-the-box ideas that go beyond the basics - ways to be creative and clever, get practical, and make an impact! Check them out and maybe it will spark some ideas for you!

At Work:

Loyalty cards: Give your customers a reason to come back again and again. Turn Quick & Clean Business Cards into frequent-purchase cards that can be redeemed for a free item once all the squares have been punched or stamped.
Discount cards: Encourage customers to make a purchase by printing discount offers on the cards. Offer the discount cards to your customers for use during their next visit.
Change of address reminders: Print your new contact information on cards and enclose one in each invoice or in Christmas cards.
Frequently called numbers: Make a list of phone numbers for the people you call frequently. Print the list on Quick & Clean Business Cards - you'll save on frustration and time spent searching for numbers. The handy size makes the cards convenient to keep in your wallet.

Admission or raffle tickets: Is there a company-wide fundraiser coming up? Create admission tickets or raffle tickets by simply printing the relevant information (time, date and location, or raffle details) on Quick & Clean Business Cards.

At Home:

Placecards: To create a festive touch at your next dinner party, print each guest's name on a Quick & Clean Business Card. Embellish each card with a bow, or add decorations that reinforce the theme of your party. Then display the card at the place at the table where you'd like each guest to sit.

Custom gift tags: Make gift tags with messages like "From Our House to Yours," "From the Ovens of …", "A gift from the … Family " for a special, personal touch. Punch a hole on one end and you'll have ready-made gift tags to attach with a pretty ribbon.

Kids' business cards: Is your teen a budding entrepreneur? Is he or she ready to commit to their business? Print Quick & Clean Business Cards with baby-sitting hours or rates for garden work - then encourage your youngster to distribute them to neighbourhood friends.

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