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Avery Branding at The Knitting Room
Niche Branding Made Easy at The Knitting Room
The Embroiderer is a specialist needlework store located in Birkenhead Point village in Auckland, established in 1984. The store carries supplies for tapestry, blackwork, bead embroidery, crewel work and stumpwork. The Embroiderer prides itself on offering superior, specialised service from a staff of experienced needlewomen.

The owners of The Embroiderer, Kate and Tracy, knew that lots of embroiderers were also knitters. They were inspired by their customers to create a niche specialist knitting store. They launched The Knitting Room, a store-within-a-store at their existing location.

Round Label
Operating in a small retail space is challenging. With display space at a premium, it is essential that Kate and Tracy optimise their retail space using smart point of sale solutions that direct interested customers to The Knitting Room and its products.

The Knitting Room requires flexible packaging and branding solutions. It retails small runs of specialist knitting yarns and delicate items that require the packaging to provide some protection. Each product label or swing tag needs to be customisable at a drop of a hat. Kate and Tracy know that their brand is an important feature of the business, so it is imperative that their brand be well-represented on packaging and reinforce their store message.

Avery® Branding & Merchandising products are the perfect solution for a business like The Knitting Room. The Glossy Round Labels are ideal for labelling bags. The White Printable Bag Toppers with Bags are the perfect solution for providing retail packaging for the smaller knitted products. And the Printable Shelf Tags make a great pricing ticket. Kate and Tracy can easily produce professionally branded labels and merchandising solutions, in-store, as and when they need them.

With supporting templates, Kate and Tracy are able to print labels and other branding and merchandising products easily and effectively, enabling The Knitting Room brand to be presented professionally within the store.

Dolls Tags

“I am so impressed with Avery Branding & Merchandising products – using the Avery Design & Print Online templates is just so easy, and the branding looks fabulous” says Kate. With free online templates, creating labels and packaging is quick and easy. The templates are customisable and Kate and Tracy can adapt their labels as their product range changes.

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