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Make an impression and make it count
Make an Impression and Make it Count
Standing out from your competition is always important. Impressing clients is always important. Winning business is always important. It's never more so than when times are tough. Whether you're preparing proposals, presenting a seminar, or just going about your day to day tasks, there are tips and tools you can use to help your business make an impression - and make it count!

Figure Out the Impression You Want to Make

Before you can start making the right impression, you need to figure out what impression it is that your business needs to make. There are lots of factors that will impact on this, but the key question you should ask yourself is "What perception do I want my audience to have of my business?". Here are a few examples to illustrate the differences:

An interior designer specialising in unique, cutting-edge environments might avoid cultivating a conservative image, and focus on appearing more dynamic and challenging to the status quo
A financial advisor might want potential clients to perceive them as secure, reliable and stable
A consultant in environmental practices would want to ensure every touch point reinforces their policies and beliefs

Create the Brand

Once you've decided on the perception and impression you'd like to create, you need to figure out what that means to your business' identity - we call this your brand. Colours, fonts, styles and logos are elements that contribute to your brand and can make a significant difference to how your business is perceived. In the example of the environmental consultant, use of a logo and colour that reflects the environment is critical to establishing credibility with an audience. Likewise, selecting a dramatic or festive font for a financial institution could have a detrimental impact on the perception of stability and security. If you can afford to, it is worth speaking to a graphic designer for some help on creating a visual style that reflects the perception you're trying to create.

Make Mail Memorable

Each piece of mail you send your customers should be memorable and eye-catching. You need it to stand out from all the other mail on your their desks. Your mail, from your envelopes, to your labels, and the material inside, should continue to impress.

Look at the colour and quality of your envelopes – do they shout "dynamic"? Do they shout "professional"? Do they shout "corporate"? If you didn't think envelopes could speak, think again!

Is your mail labelled? Do you handwrite addresses? You need to figure out which option is more appropriate for your business. If you're trying to cultivate a professional image, labels will reflect that, and can even show off your logo. Designing professional labels with the Avery® Wizard is easy, and you can complement your business image with appropriate labels: crisp white labels, clear labels or recycled labels. What's inside your mail? Everything you send, from invoices to marketing material should reinforce your brand. You're still trying to make that impression count! Make sure you use colours from your logo or complementary colours.

Create Business Cards That Impress

Business cards are often the only communication tool kept and referred to by your customers. It's important that they represent your brand correctly. With Avery Quick & Clean™ Business Cards, you can create your own professional-looking business cards without paying print shop prices or dealing with minimum order quantities. Avery Design & Print Online can help you design, personalise and print your cards, using your own logo (or one of our many free designs).

Live the Brand!

As you establish your brand and your business grows, take steps to maintain it. Be consistent in its use across all of your business' activities. It will help reinforce your customers' understanding of what your company does and the brand you've developed.

Put yourself in the shoes of a client or potential client. How and where will they come across your brand? You need to make sure every touch point brands your company consistently and correctly. Consider your building, your interior decorating, your car, your car signage, your voicemail message, your web site, your proposals and even your telephone etiquette. These are all elements of communication that can make an impression on your customers. You need to make them count!
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