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Make your brand sparkle at Christmas
Make Your Brand Sparkle at Christmas
Christmas is the perfect time for gift-oriented small businesses. It’s the time of the year when we’re all buying gifts, trying to find things that suit our favourite people. If you sell high quality, unique products, with good locations that capture the Christmas market, you can capitalise on the demand. But it’s critical that you stand out from all the other businesses that are just like yours, trying to take advantage of the Christmas buying frenzy. You can have a brilliant product, but your competitors can have a similar product. You can have a great location at the markets, but your products might not be displayed as effectively as they can. From top to toe, your brand needs to sparkle at Christmas. Try our tips and ideas to make Christmas a magical time for your business.

Figure Out What is Unique About Your Brand

In marketing-speak, it’s called a USP, or unique selling proposition. And you need one! You need something that makes your brand stand out from everyone else around you. Picture yourself at the markets in early December, with lots of other stalls around you. Why is someone going to stop at your stall? It could be your unique products, or an innovative display, or your own personality. Figure it out and exploit it!
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Figure Out Who Is Your Target Market, and Where They Shop

You need to figure out your target market: gender, age, income, values, interests, personality, brand loyalty, and Christmas shopping habits. Understanding your target market is critical to every other decision you make. You need to make sure you’re located where they shop. It’s important in the lead-up to Christmas that you are visible at the markets, fétes or kiosks aligned with your target market.

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Develop Trust With Shoppers

A challenge for all small businesses or independent stores is the lack of known brand. That means you need to earn the trust of your shoppers. You want them to shop impulsively, not be put off by things like high prices, damaged goods, unattended stalls or stands or poorly displayed products. Remember that some shoppers will want to chat to you to learn about your products, and others will deliberately not engage in conversation. All of these factors will help you develop the trusting relationship that will mean consumers purchase from you, rather than look for a similar product at a department store.

Make or Sell Unique Products

If something is unique, it’s more memorable. No-one wants to give a Christmas gift that someone else gives, or something that’s forgotten by January. Take a look at your strengths, and the trends in the market, and figure out what you can offer that’s different. Some of the best-attended markets are those known for the little stalls that sell items that you just can’t buy anywhere else. Those items are in higher demand and can command a higher price because they don’t have easily accessible substitutes.

Consider Packaging as Part of Your Brand

If you’ve got a great product, but it’s presented poorly, you’re undermining your brand. There are many facets of packaging to consider, but overall, it should be a direct reflection of your brand. A few considerations:
  • The colour of your packaging should usually complement your logo
  • Think about how much of your product needs to be visible (like in a clear bag)
  • Packaging needs to be strong enough for the weight of the products
  • If you travel between markets, your packaging needs to be durable enough to handle packing, unpacking, storage and transportation
  • The quality and design of your branding labels should represent your product quality and speak to your target audience

Gift Tags and Labels
Add the Christmas Touch

Associate your products with Christmas by combining your brand with touches of Christmas. Think about adding Christmas ribbon to jars, attaching Christmas gift tags to products, complimentary gift wrapping and adding “Merry Christmas” labels. We have a great range of branding labels and tags that will show off your Christmas message. You can use one of our Christmas designs or start with a blank template in Avery Design & Print Online.

Show Off!

There’s no such thing as a display that’s too good! When you’re trying to capture the busy Christmas shopper, your display is a critical communicator. Your display talks to many more people than you do, so it needs to tell your brand story. Practically speaking, it needs to be easy for your customers to see everything, and to take a closer look if they want to. Consider what will enhance your sales: tastings, samples, starter kits or testers. Gather ideas from fellow stall holders and spend time exploring markets so that you can establish what entices you to explore a stand.

Set the Right Price

Your pricing should match your brand quality. High pricing is mismatched with poorly presented goods. Conversely, pricing can be too low, suggesting lower quality ingredients or undervaluing the time you spent making your product. Your pricing should reflect the combination of your product quality, the production time and your brand image. You’ll need to be aware of the price of competitor products, including those in other locations. Competitive pricing will go a long way to encouraging customers to shop with you, rather than window shop.

Christmas is a potentially lucrative, but very challenging time. You need your brand to sparkle and stand out from your competitors. Taking a few of our ideas will help you with a more compelling presence. Good luck for both a festive and lucrative season!

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