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Use the right label for product labelling
Dressing Your Wares: Developing Product Labels

Whether you’re running a stall at your local markets, contributing to the school art and craft show, or have your own retail outlet, you want your products to look good. You’ve worked hard to develop and produce your products in your kitchen, on the sewing machine, in the garden or on your dining room table. You deserve to show off your hard work, but if you’ve been using Avery® mailing or address labels on your products, there’s a better way to stand out from your competitors!

Clear Labels
There’s a Right Label for Dressing Your Products 

Address labels are for addressing. Product and branding labels are for product labelling and branding. We’ve got a terrific range of labels developed for product labelling: great shapes, colours, materials and finishes. They are the starting point for you to differentiate your products from competitor products. You can create labels that stand out and express your unique business personality.

Starting Your Product Labelling Strategy

A great idea when developing your labelling strategy is to put yourself in the shoes of a shopper: what do you notice in a product label? What compels you to look further at the product? It might be the label shape, its colour, its size, its quality, or the logo and branding. It is critical that your label be eye-catching, especially if your products are surrounded by competitor products in a shop.

Now put yourself in the shoes of your target market. The labels should be relevant and compelling for your target audience. If your audience is children, the labels should be designed to attract the attention of children (and their parents), so elaborate fonts and neutral colours mightn’t be the right approach! Bright colours, large letters and simple fonts will better depict who you are targeting and attract their attention.

You’ll also need to consider your product range and creating complementary labels for all of your products. They might differ in colour, size or shape, but your customers should recognise instantly that your products are all from the same company and brand.

Branding and Merchandising Get Your Labels in Great Shape!

Forget about using standard rectangular address labels! Think back to what you found interesting about product labels: less commonly used shapes probably registered more with you than typical rectangular labels. You can add a touch of difference to your products with a more interesting shape: try our round, oval or arched product labels. It’s amazing the difference you’ll achieve by changing your label from a rectangular address label to a more stylish shape. Try it yourself and see!

Creative Colours 

What’s the right label colour for your brand? It’s important to tailor the colour of your label to your product and packaging. Try these ideas:

  • Clear labels are virtually transparent and are great when you want the colour of the packaging or the product itself to shine, or where you want the product label to be very discreet
  • Our high gloss white labels display colour brilliantly and can be printed full colour to match your packaging (we recommend that you create your labels using Avery Design & Print Online)
Kraft Brown Labels
  • Kraft brown labels are made from 100% recycled material, and will complement a great range of packaging colours. They can be very visually effective when your product is related to an environmental initiative.
  • You can print your logo and product information on kraft brown labels and your logo will look as though you have printed your logo on boxes and brown bags

Try to match your packaging colour to your logo colours and then select the label colour that will best display your logo and represent your product.

See the Difference, Time After Time

The longer your product label looks good, the longer your brand is well-represented. We make address labels for a quick trip through the mail system. Our branding labels have been developed to look and feel great for a much longer period. It’s important that your products look great on the shelf or stall and can withstand being handled by customers. If your products are given as a gift, it’s just as important to the gift-giver as it is to you that your product labels look good. Who wants to give a gift with a ratty label?
Textured Arch Labels

Try our high quality, high gloss white round and oval labels – they’re glossier, thicker and stronger than your average label and designed to look good for longer. If your product is stored in the refrigerator or contains liquid, our arched labels are made from a water-resistant material – designed to withstand the impact of condensation and cold.

Wrapping It All Up

There are lots of factors to consider when developing labels for your products. Ultimately it comes down to fulfilling your labelling strategy, and understanding that there are products that have been developed to help you execute your labelling strategy. Your label can help you sell more products and raise awareness of your company. Realising that you don’t have to use address or mailing labels is the first step, and selecting from our great range of branding labels is the second step!

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