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Family and friend address labels

Create Labels for Family and Friends' Addresses

Imagine not needing to write out all those addresses next time you’re organising a party…there’s no need to just imagine it! Creating address labels from your mailing list is simple. Next time you're sending our cards or invitations, follow these step-by-step directions and you’ll go from a list of family and friends' addresses to labels in no time at all.

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Step 1: Gather All Your Addresses

Instructions: You may have mailing lists in different programmes or in an old address book. Maybe you have bits of envelopes floating around from Christmas with return addresses on them! Regardless, you'll want to gather and enter all those contacts into a single list. It’s a one-time effort that will save you time in the long run.

Step 2: Prepare Your Mailing List

Instructions: Start entering all your addresses in a database or spreadsheet programme, such as Microsoft® Excel®. In the top row, enter field names, like First Name, Surname, Street, Suburb, Postcode etc. Then, start typing information for each friend or family member, with the information relevant to the field name. When you've finished, save your database. You can add to this database whenever you like, and with the easy mail merge instructions below, just create new labels every time you need them.
Prepare your list

Step 3: Get the Avery Wizard

Instructions: Download the Avery® Wizard. This software will help you step through mail merge. Make sure you've closed all your Microsoft Office applications first.

When you've finished the download, open Microsoft Word.

Step 4: Open the Wizard

Instructions: MICROSOFT WORD XP AND 2003
Click on the Avery Wizard icon on your toolbar. The Avery Wizard will open.
On the Welcome to the Avery Wizard screen, click Next

Click on the Avery toolbar on your ribbon, then click on the Avery Wizard icon. The Avery Wizard will open.
On the Welcome to the Avery Wizard screen, click Next

Step 5: Select Your Avery Product

Instructions: Enter the product number or description of the Avery product you're using, then click the Search button. Choose your product from the list, then click Next.
Select your product

Step 6: Select the Merge Function

Instructions: On the Options for Entering Information screen, you'll see four ways you can enter information. Select Merge data from an existing data file and click Next.
Select merge function

Step 7: Select Your List

Instructions: Click on Browse... and navigate to where you saved your list. Click Open, and then click Next.

Step 8: Add Field Names to the Layout

Instructions: On the right had side of the Wizard screen, you'll see the field names you entered in your list. Click the << Add Field to Layout button once for each field name you need on your label. The Wizard will automatically enter a space for you between fields.
Add fields

Step 9: Format and Complete Your Merge

Instructions: You can use all normal Microsoft Word and keyboard functions to change margins, move to new lines, change colours, fonts etc. to design your label. When you are finished, click Next to complete the merge. If you're having a dinner party, why not insert an image from the invitation on your label? Here is where you would do it!

Step 10: Finish and Print Your Labels!

Instructions: To preview your work, click Print Preview, or click Finish to switch to your completed work in a Microsoft Word document. For easy printing, always make sure your print settings are set to A4.
Print preview

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