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Christmas mail merge with Design & Print

Mail Merge With Avery® Christmas Designs

The great mail merge feature in Avery® Design & Print Online will make creating fun Christmas labels, name tags or place cards easy. You can create fun and festive projects starting with one of our free Christmas designs. Jingle your way through Christmas with our step-by-step guide to the process.

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Step 1: Prepare Your Database

Instructions: You might already have the addresses for your friends and family in a database. If not, you'll need to create your database in Microsoft® Excel. You should have a header row, with headings like Title, First Name, Surname, Address 1 etc (each in a separate column). For each person, you'd have one line, with an entry in each column. You might think you might as well just type all the names on your labels, but remember that you might use this data next year, so it will be better for you in the long term for you to create your database now.

Step 2: Open the Christmas Design Page

Instructions: Visit or You’ll see four categories to choose from: Celebrations & Events, Branding & Merchandising, Event Branding Solutions and Mailing Labels. Click on the category relevant to you to view the range of Christmas designs available, which you can use on any Avery product. You can create matching mailing labels, parcel labels, gift tags, menus and place cards!

Step 3: Pick Your Favourite Design

Instructions: Click on your favourite design. Avery Design & Print Online will open, ready for you to select the Avery product you’d like to design.

Step 4: Pick Your Avery Product in Design & Print Online

  • Take a look on your label pack for the Avery software code. Enter the software code from your pack in the Enter your Product Number here box.
  • Click on Go

Step 5: Select How You'd Like to Edit Your Design

Instructions: The Edit Options screen will ask "How would you like to start editing your design?”. Select Edit on Design Screen. The Customise screen will open with your Christmas template visible.

Step 6: Mail Merge

  • Click inside an existing text box. Highlight the text so that your mail merge text will replace the dummy text
  • Click on Import Data (Mail Merge) in the left hand tools area
  • Click on Start Mail Merge. The Mail Merge - Select a File box will open.
  • Click on Browse for File. The Select file to upload box will open.
  • Navigate to your database and click on Open. Your database will upload.
  • Ensure the Print this row of data is unticked. This means that the headings that you set up (like First Name and Surname) won't be printed. They'll just be used as a guide.
  • Click on Next
  • On the Mail Merge - Arrange Fields screen, in the Available fields column, you'll see the names of your fields. Drag and drop fields to the Arrange fields box to set up how you would like your labels to appear. Design & Print Online will add a space between fields for you.
  • When you've finished, click on Complete Merge. The visible label will show the information from the first row of your customer list.
  • Delete any extra text boxes

Step 7: Add a Christmas Font

Instructions: Format your text to something more Christmassy. If you have Apply to All selected in the Sheet Navigator area (on the right hand side), then font changes will be applied to all labels.

Step 8: Position Your Christmas Image

Instructions: To move the Christmas image, click with your mouse and move it to the desired position. You can also resize your Christmas image to suit your product by clicking on the image and using your mouse to move the corners to increase or decrease the size.

Step 9: Jingle All the Way To the End!

  • When you're happy with your project, click on Preview & Print (in the top right hand corner)
  • If you're happy with your labels, click on Print. Design & Print Online will create an Adobe® Acrobat® PDF version of your project, from which you will print.
  • Print from Adobe Reader® as normal, ensuring that your Page Size is set to A4 and Page Scaling is set to None
  • You can save your labels so you can edit them using Design & Print Online in the future. To do so, click on Save near the top left of your screen.

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