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Add a wine charm with a personalised card
Throw a Themed Party With a Grown-up Twist
As kids, themed parties were a wonderful experience full of fun, colour, creativity and imagination. As we grow older the themed party seems to only be allocated for those big birthday occasions - 21sts, 30ths, etc, and, more often than not, they involve a costume which can be costly and tedious for guests. But themed parties need not be costume-laden and immature. With some inventive, creative ideas and clever preparation you can bring to life a party full of theme, class and character, and bring back the fun, colour and imagination of your youth (with a grown-up twist!).

Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Enchanting Wonderland High Tea Party

A beautiful way to enchant your guests is to re-create a magical wonderland – Alice style – in your home. You can have a lot of fun with this theme and will only be limited by the depth of your imagination. Think colourful tea pots filled with flowers and tea light candles in cups and saucers to add a whimsical effect to your lighting. You could even cover the floors in artificial turf for an extra dose of quirky fun!Wonderland party

When it comes to catering, add some fun to your drinks by supplying guests with old school glass milk bottles to drink out of. Tie an Avery® White Printable Gift Tag around each bottle neck with the words “drink me” to re-create the memorable Alice in Wonderland Scene. Better yet, do the same for your food. Why not have colourful cake pops with an “eat me” tag tied to each handle? You can design your tags in Design & Print Online with one of our templates, or add a great wonderland image of your own.

Once you have created your Alice-inspired space you can sit back and enjoy the fun as your guests gasp with joy at each discovery.

Wine Tasting Party

This kind of party takes some planning and organisation but you can be guaranteed that once those invitations are sent out your guests will be brimming with anticipation and excitement for a party that is fun and entertaining. Your guests will be raving about this one for weeks on end!Wine tasting party

So what is a wine tasting party? It’s an evening tasting delicious wine, where each guest is assigned a tasting sheet to score the variety of wine on offer. If you want to save on your budget you can even assign each guest a different variety of wine to bring, which will then be judged by everyone at the party.

Prepare a table that holds a collection of wine glasses that are allocated to each guest. A good idea is to use Avery White Printable Gift Tags to personalise each glass with a guest’s name (it’s a bit like a wine charm that you’ve designed and created yourself). Accompany each glass with a pencil and a scoring sheet. Print three columns on Avery White Quick & Clean Compliment Cards titled with: WINE NAME, NOTES and SCORE (1-10). There’s no winner – just lots of fun trying different wines!

If you’d like to add some competition to the evening, have guests guess the wine variety, or the food that is best matched with each variety of wine.

Fresh and Relaxing Spa Party

If you want to slow the pace down a little, why not think about hosting a tranquil and relaxing Spa Party for your hard-working (and probably stressed) friends and family. Create a peaceful retreat with some clever styling and this could be a party that your guests will want to come back to time and time again.

Spa party For this kind of party it’s best to keep the guest numbers low. Try to keep it under 8, that way each guest can really be catered and cared for, and feel that extra bit special. Start the party off as an afternoon lunch of healthy but delicious finger food; for instance you could prepare cucumber feta cups and fresh rice paper rolls and accompany the food with light and bubbly champagne or fresh and clean mojitos. Then set up a series of “pamper stations” in which each of your guests rotate. Some ideas for your stations could be: an at home manicure kit, a foot scrub station, a facial stop and even try hot rock therapy. Be creative and have fun with it. To add that extra special touch you could provide all your guests with damp warm towels, cotton gowns and slippers.

When the party is over why does the pampering have to stop? Surprise your guests with party favours like home-made brown sugar body scrubs. A clever and cost-effective way to beautifully present your parting gifts could be by placing your scrub mixture into a jar with an Avery Kraft Brown Label personalised with each guest’s name and thanks.

So with these simple tips and ideas there is no excuse not to throw a fun, imaginative and creative themed party. Your guests will be glad to leave the costumes at home and you can be sure that it will be the type of party your friends and family won’t soon forget (and will probably ask you to throw again)!

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