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Sparkle at your special event with labels
Sparkle At Your Special Events
If you want your friends and family to be amazed when they receive your invitation or come to your event, Avery® labels can help! They can add a little sparkle or “wow factor” to a wedding, engagement party, dinner party or birthday. If you've thought Avery White Address Labels were the only labels you could use, think again! There’s a range of labels that are much more suited to impressing at your special event. For labels that really sparkle: design impressive labels using Avery Design & Print Online. You can mail merge your address labels or guest list, add images and create labels that match the theme of your event!

Top Tips for a “Wow” Event
  • Start with your budget. Setting a dollar amount and making every decision work with that number is critical to your planning success. Once you decide on your maximum spending amount, make a list of projected expenses – food, party venue, entertainment, rentals, etc. – and start plugging in the costs, always keeping in mind your maximum allowance.
  • Get going on a To Do list. Write down all the things that need to be done, big and small. From finding the venue to buying the napkins, selecting the menu and planning the music. You’ll feel organised, and get a sense of accomplishment when you complete a task.
  • Use a spreadsheet to track RSVPs. Keep note of who’s coming, their partners, any special dietary requirements and if they’re going to be late.
  • Pick a design theme and use that across your invitations, menus, seating charts, name badges, placecards and thank you notes. Your design theme can include font selection, colours and an image or logo for your event. Think a logo is too much? The intertwined initials for the bride and groom is effectively a logo and its repetition is very effective in creating an impact with guests.
Heavy Duty Silver Labels
Touch of Class With a Touch of Silver

Need a touch of class that only silver can bring? There’s no need to go to a professional printer to print silver labels. You can use Avery silver labels to add silver address labels and return address labels to your invitations. If your colour scheme is complemented by or includes silver, adding silver labels to your envelopes introduces guests to your colour scheme as soon as they receive your invitation.
Clear Labels
Make Your Message Clear With Clear Labels

If you’re giving your guests bombonieres, you can add a beautiful touch with clear round labels or clear oval labels. It’s much more festive and attractive than applying a white, rectangular label and making your own will be much more cost-effective than using a printer. Try our new 100% transparent labels that will stick to virtually any bomboniere. You can use Avery Design & Print Online to create your labels and print them at home.

Let Me Introduce You to Fabric Name Badges!

If you’ve tried using a standard paper label as a name tag, we’re pleased to introduce you to Avery Fabric Name Badges! They won’t peel, or curl, they move with your clothes, and are gentle to most fabrics, so are great at parties and special occasions. They are perfectly suited to helping your guests get to know each other!

Add the Right Labels to Your Guest List

Ready to say “wow!” at the range of Avery labels? Time to invite the right labels to your event! You can start preparing for your special occasion armed with the information about the right label for your event.

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