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Customise party bags with Printable Party Bag Kits
Personalised Party Bags, By You!
Personalising party bags for your child’s birthday party has never been easier! Avery® Printable Party Bag Kits contain printable bag toppers and plastic bags, and are fun and easy to create. You can use Avery Design & Print Online to create party bag toppers with each child’s name, and some fun images. Try our pre-designed templates and clip art, or add your own image! Here we step you through our design and bag assembly process.

Get Started

Open Design & Print Online and click Start Now. (If you haven’t used Design & Print Online before, you’ll be asked to register.)
Type the software code L7259 in the Enter your product here field and click on Go.

Pick Your Favourite Template

Pick your favourite templateOn the Select Your Design screen, choose the template you like. We have chosen the train image, for a 6 year old boy, Sam. Click on Select & Customise.

The AutoCopy Wizard will open. The AutoCopy Wizard allows you to create the same design on both sides of the party bags simultaneously. We’re going to have a different design on each side of our bag, so we closed the AutoCopy Wizard.

Designing Our Bag Toppers

We designed each side of the bag topper by selecting the side in the Sheet Navigator area.
  • We changed the colour of the border to red, using the Formatting Line tool in the Shapes menu
  • We deleted the train from this side of the bag topper
Designing our bag toppers
  • We changed the existing text by typing over it with “Thank you for coming to Sam’s party!” and changed the colours using the options in the Text menu
  • We selected the text box and repositioned it in the centre of the bag topper (using the handles on the side of the text box)
We selected the other side of the bag topper in the Sheet Navigator area.
  • We again changed the colour of the border to red
  • We resized the train (using the handles on the side of the image)
  • We changed the colour and position of the existing text to be ready to enter each child’s name
We used the Sheet Navigator to change to Edit One. This allows us to change the name on each bag.
  • We used the Sheet Navigator to select each bag and changed the text to show each child’s name (“For: James”, “For: Matthew”)

Preview and Printing

When you’re finished designing your bag toppers, click on Preview & Print (in the top right hand corner). You’ll see a preview of your project.

If you’re happy with your party bags, click on Print. Design & Print Online will create an Adobe® Acrobat® PDF version of your project. Print from Adobe Reader®. Ensure Page Scaling is set to None and your page settings are set to A4.

Get startedFilling and Sealing the Bags

After you have printed out your party bag labels, it’s time to fill the plastic bags with treats! Try fun-sized chocolate bars, yo-yos, sultana packets and lollipops. This is a great opportunity for your child to help with picking the treats and filling the bags. After you have filled the bags, peel off the strip to expose the adhesive and fold it over.

Adding the Bag Topper

Once you have filled and closed your bags, it’s time to add the bag topper label to the bag. Older children will be able to help with this and are sure to enjoy the task.
  1. Peel a printed bag topper label off the backing sheet
  2. Lay the bag topper label flat, with the adhesive side up
  3. Place the bag onto one side of the topper, centering the bag. You can place your bag topper label over either end of the bag. We find that it is easier for children to open their party bags if you leave the adhesive end exposed.
  4. Fold the other side of the bag topper onto the bag. You’re finished! It really is quick and easy to create party bags that impress!

Peel off a bag topper   Centre the bag  Fold and press the other side

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