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A new twist to kids' party games
Have Fun and Get Creative with Kids’ Birthday Party Games
When it comes to your children’s birthday parties there can often be the temptation to over-plan, over-spend and over-compete with other parents to make sure your child has the most creative, fashionable and memorable birthday party. There is nothing wrong with trying to make your child’s day special, but in reality your child and their friends are more likely to remember the games they played and what they ate rather than whether the napkins matched the birthday theme or if the streamers matched the cake. Children have a nifty ability to enjoy themselves no matter what, so keeping a party simple will allow the kids time for free play and to take things at their own pace. It also ends up being a lot lighter on your wallet!

Birthday games are one of the most important details when planning your child’s birthday party. Even the simplest party requires a little planning and the sooner you start organising, the earlier the excitement begins for your child and the fewer details you’ll have to figure out on the special day itself. To help you, here are two old favourites (with a new twist) that are easy, cost-effective and, most importantly, fun! You can prepare these games for your child’s next birthday bash and have them talking about them all week at school!Outdoor treasure hunt

Treasure Hunt

When creating a fun and exciting treasure hunt it’s always good to first consider the age of the children, the amount of time you want the treasure hunt to take up, the theme of the party (if there is one), the special treats you will hide and whether or not there are any allergy considerations you need to take when choosing hiding spots and the treats.

Outdoor treasure hunt
After you have taken these considerations into account, it is now time to choose your location. For really young kids (ages 2-4), keep it simple, maybe stick to one or two rooms within the house. For kids that are a little older you can spread the treasure hunt area to inside the entire house or keep them occupied outside and utilise a large backyard or a nearby park that you can supervise easily.

Next it is time to decide on how you would like to setup your treasure hunt. Consider involving maps and clues, both written and pictures. Written clues could be rhymes, riddles, or locations. Picture clues (best suited for the youngsters) could be photos or drawings of the places they need to investigate. Deciding on how many clues can be a little tricky; you don’t want them to get bored! A basic guide is to take the average age of the children at the party and double it – that will give you the ball park of how many clues to incorporate into the game. Use Avery White Quick & Clean Double Sided Compliment Cards and Design & Print Online to create clues that will lead the treasure hunters to each hidden prize. If the party has a theme, customise the cards to match it whether it be pirate, princesses or certain colours.

Another great idea is to split the kids into teams to make it a little more competitive (best suited for older kids). Choose team names and supply Avery Fabric Name Badge Labels with each team’s name written on it or customise the name tags into separate team colours so the kids know who their competition is.Baking fun

Why not turn a treasure hunt into a cooking party? The kids can find the ingredients with cooking instructions attached that together make up a recipe that they can all have fun making at the end of the hunt. For instance you can hide sealed jars of flour, butter, sugar and chocolate chips attached with Avery White Printable Gift & Organisation Tags that have the number and step of the recipe that the kids put in order at the end of the hunt.

Pass the Parcel

Pass the Parcel is an oldie but definitely a goodie and a few creative tweaks to this classic game could be the start of a birthday tradition that your kid’s will want to play every year.

One idea is to hide a small gift between each layer rather than having them spread throughout the layers of the parcel. That way every child that unwraps a gift is guaranteed a small prize. Between the layers you could supply small individual lolly bags, deflated balloons, curly straws and individually wrapped lollipops with the centre prize being something a little more significant. To make each gift a little more special you could personalise the gifts by packaging them in Avery White Printable Party Bag Kits, or use Avery Glossy White Round or Oval Labels that match the birthday theme and have a congratulatory message printed on them.

Pass the parcelAnother idea is to scatter small gifts with cards between the parcel layers that have fun dares or charades written across them to act out. This makes the game a lot more interactive and lasts a little longer than your average Pass the Parcel. Customise  Avery White Quick & Clean Business Cards to suit the birthday theme and print the dare or charade message upon it. Some dares could be making animal noises, wearing a wig until the end of the game, singing a song – anything you can think up! Get your child involved and have them giggle away as they make up some fun dares for their friends to do. With the charade cards, have an action for the players to act out. Make the game more interesting and competitive by allowing the person who guesses the action correctly to have the next turn with the parcel.

So really it isn’t too expensive or too hard to make a memorable and special day for your child’s next birthday bash. Use your creativity and imagination for the games you are going to prepare and you can be guaranteed that your child and their friends will have the time of their lives.

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