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Come home to an organised, labelled home
There’s No Place Like an Organised Home
Aaaaaah…home! How nice to come home after work, or even after holidays (after all, as someone famous once said, “there’s no place like home”). There’s a bit of a difference between coming home to an oasis of organisation and coming home to clutter. If your home resembles the latter, there are ways to get things in order. A perfect place to start is with labelling. You might have already given it a go, armed with your packet of Avery® Mailing Labels, but there’s an array of labels that are much more suited to organising your home. Let’s look at some of the common labelling ideas and the most appropriate label for those tasks.

For labels that look really good: all of our labels can be customised using our software. Create and print labels with clear, easy to read fonts using Avery Design & Print Online. It’s easier than trying to read someone’s messy handwriting!
Identification Labels
Storage That Makes Sense

Part of the feeling of your home being an oasis is space. We can’t help you acquire more space, but we can help you organise the space you have.
  • Figure out which items you need to have easily accessible. These should take the priority “real estate” within your home. This applies to your kitchen, wardrobe, bathroom cupboards and any storage areas. You don’t want to have to work hard to put things away or they’ll never make it there!

  • Multi-purpose Pastel Labels
  • Label your shelves and boxes so that when someone goes to find something, it’s easy to find. And just as importantly, when you’ve finished with it, it can be returned to its home. You can use Avery Storage Labels (they won’t fade and are designed for long term labelling).
  • Keep your pantry organised with removable labels. You can choose from removable white labels, pastel labels or neon labels. They can all be applied to and then removed from plastic containers. You can choose a combination of colours that will help you organise your pantry in a way that makes sense to you. When you’re ready to re-use the containers, just remove the labels.

Ship Shape Shed

Does your shed or garage provide a haven for everything you can’t fit in the house? (And perhaps it’s also a haven for every form of creepy crawly that exists?) It’s time to get that mess under control, and labels can be one of your best friends (behind insect spray, a broom, a dustpan and some gloves)!

If you love labelling, your garage can be your idea of a blank canvas. With Avery Durable Labels, you can create order and organisation, with labels that are dirt resistant, tear resistant and oil resistant. They’re perfect for the dirty garage environment.
  • If you store items in garbage bags or opaque boxes, create a label that indicates their contents. A few weeks after you’ve stored your bags and boxes, if you haven’t labelled them, you’ll forget what’s in them!
  • Label your paint tins with the rooms or areas where they were used
  • Label your tool board so that each tool has a home. It’s great if someone borrows a tool and needs to know where it lives and makes it easy for you to notice if a tool is missing.

Conquer Cord Chaos

Cords galore around your entertainment unit? Tidy up the mess and make it easy to grab the cord you need quickly using our electrical cord tags. They withstand the heat of electrical cords and are safer for your home and family than address labels or paper tags.
Filing Labels
Filing With Flair

Who wants filing to be boring at home? You don’t have to stare at dreary spines of your folders. Take our lever arch filing labels and add your designs with Avery Design & Print Online. You could colour them to match your décor, or just to add some colour and fun to your office! When you’re tired of your existing design, you can just create another one and apply the label over the top. They’re totally opaque (thanks to the TrueBlock® feature), so they block out the boring folder or old label underneath.

Help @ Home From a Label

Who thought that labels could be so helpful? We did! We want you to know which Avery labels are best suited to the organisation jobs you have at home! With the right label, you’ll get the best results possible.

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