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Keep tabs on the costs of educating your kids
Organising Your School Budget is Child’s Play!
There’s no getting away from it, kids and their education are expensive! But, with a little forward planning and taking your cues from the previous year, you can lessen the load by being well prepared for what lies ahead.

All Those Notes They Bring Home Can Help!

When you get your school notes home, use them for more than just keeping track of what the kids have on in the coming weeks. Usually, if there are fees involved this will be included on the note. Use a separate coloured folder for each child to store the note until the activity is finished. Rather than disposing of the note then, why not create a file that can be separated into different months and record how much you’ve spent each month? You can use Avery® pre-printed calendar dividers as the starting point, and insert a summary sheet in the front of the folder where you note what was spent each month.

At the end of the year, you’ll have a quick reference as to how much you generally need to set aside for extra-curricular activities the following year, and an approximate time that you’ll need the money. Schools tend to run programmes at the same time from year to year so this is a great indicator of what you’ll need to budget and when.

Save School Supplier Info

An expandable folder is a handy way to store information about the various places where you buy school supplies. When you get the latest information, such as book lists, clothing catalogues etc, simply add it to the appropriate section in the folder and remove the previous information.

This is a great way to keep tabs on the increasing costs or, if you’re keen, to stay in touch with the suppliers ahead of time to see if there are any specials available. You might even be able to identify the sales cycle of suppliers so that you can hold off on purchasing if you know that a sale is approaching. If you always have the information on hand you’ll always be ahead of the game.

Noteworthy Newsletters

Think the school newsletters can’t help you budget? Think again! Look out for information on second hand uniform sales, discounts for early payment of fees, or lower cost after school care.

Start Them Saving!

It’s never too early to get your kids saving money. From your 11 year old saving for a drink at the school disco through to your 18 year old saving for Schoolies, it’s important to instil a habit of saving some of their money to help with extra expenses. An inclination for saving will help them later in life, and will help you cope with the pressure of the “must have” extras.

Education is a vital part of a child’s life and your whole family will benefit from being organised to be able to take advantage of the best options available.

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