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Organise your home working area
Organisation at Home: Top Tips From Avery® Users
Here's an easy way to get even more out of your organisation efforts: by simply using colour and a raft of Avery® products. Colour can help get important messages noticed, provide visual cues so you can identify and find things faster and even brighten up your everyday projects. Check out these tips from other Avery users to find out how they're using our products to get things done.

Organise Your Work, Your Way

Make things easier to find with colourful tabs you can attach to any book or file. With Avery NoteTabs™, you can flag pages, create sections and add notes to the surface area using a different colour tab for each subject. With Avery Label Pads you can make temporary and permanent labels for your files and storage boxes, or use them as notes to remind you of what needs to be done.

  • "I've been keeping a folder of all the jobs I apply for. I found the answer to my organisational/cross reference problems with these NoteTabs. I can put the date on the tab and use the body of the label to put job info. I can use a different colour tab for each month or for each type of job."

  • "My son has been using NoteTabs while he's at uni. They are perfect for marking pages and making notes in text books. He uses the tab to mark the pages, and then he uses the area below so that he can highlight important information on the page, or write additional notes. At the end of the year they were invaluable in preparing for his exams - and the big bonus was that when he removed all the NoteTabs he sold the books, which were as good as new!"

  • "These Label Pads are great for that temporary note on action plans, schedules - things that change or haven't been formalised."

  • "I use Label Pads when I'm finalising all my end of year accounts. I put all my paperwork into various piles and use these labels to identify each pile. I keep a set in my bag too, because they come in really handy when I suddenly remember something while I'm on the train home, or see something I like while I'm out shopping and want to note down the shop and item details."

Call Attention Where It's Needed

For head-turning visibility, count on bright and colourful Avery Colour Dispenser Labels to get important messages across fast.

  • "I used these labels to colour code boxes and furniture for various departments. Then I colour coded the floor plan for the new office to coincide with these items. The labels are large enough to stand out and peel off without leaving a residue. The movers, armed with floor plans and colour codes, found it very easy and efficient."

  • "These easy-to-use labels were a life-saving suggestion from my home care nurse for use in my refrigerator! No more wasted food (and wasted money), no more leftovers that sit too long before anyone remembers to enjoy them then while they're still fresh! No more preparing dishes in advance and forgetting exactly which day it was that you made that! Now everything gets a label! Even food that already has an expiration date printed on it gets an Avery label because you can see your own brightly coloured label date so clearly."

Create Eye-catching Reports

Organise your reports and reference materials with easy-to-read, professional-quality dividers you can create from your desk. With durable Avery IndexMaker® Dividers you can customise dividers to make your work pop.

  • "Making binders every month with index tabs was such a time waster before a co-worker introduced me to IndexMaker Dividers. In moments, I can produce multiple complete set of index tabs, and quickly apply to all tabs in a single go. The finished product looks so professional."

Find Files In a Flash

Keep track of paperwork with a colour-coded filing system. Using colour makes it easy to find files, and refile them later. Use Avery Lateral Filing Colour Coding Labels (available in a variety of colours) and assign colours based on task, project or client.

  • "I'm a purchasing manager and colour-coded labels are a necessity for me. Red means hold for approvals; green means sent to finance; purple is pending other issues; orange means on order."

  • "I use these labels for my filing system, I like to use different colour labels for categorising. Like the green is for money so all of my banking files are in green. Red is for my credit card accounts. Blue is for my household bills like electricity, water, rent, insurance, etc. Yellow is for online accounts."

Organise your world with Avery products. These great tips will give you some ideas on how to get started. If you have any great ideas, tips or tricks you would like to share - just contact our Consumer Service Centre. We'd love to hear from you!

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