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Hints to help with home organisation
Handy Hints to Help With Home Organisation
Do you live in an organised utopia at work, but struggle to keep everything in check at home? Avery® is here to help with some of our favourite hints to help with home organisation. Have a look at our ideas and see which ones will work for your family. You can try incorporating a few quick daily improvements or prepare for long term projects.

Be prepared for organisation projects by always having the right supplies on hand: storage containers of different sizes, a mixture of removable labels, storage labels, shoe boxes, envelopes, lever arch files, a hole puncher and staples. You don’t need to use the excuse that you don’t have what you need to get started on your project!

When you make a commitment to an organisation project, make an appointment with yourself and keep that appointment, just as you would attend other important scheduled activities.

Assign a designated home for each of your items, and label them with the location where it should be returned. Avery Organisation & Storage Labels are perfect for the job because they come in a great range of sizes. A pair of scissors that often go wayward can be labelled “desk drawer” or “kitchen drawer.” When everything has its place, everyone will know where to find each item and where to return it when they’re done.

When you’re watching TV, instead of flicking to another channel during the ad breaks, hop up and put a few things away, until the ad break is over. (You can even follow this principle during infomercials or segments of the programme that you don’t really like!)

Use storage systems that make sense: store items close to where they’ll be used, keep frequently used items easily accessible and label your storage boxes so you’ll know what’s inside.

Peel & StickLeave notes and reminders for yourself and your family using Avery Peel & Stick Decals. They’re fun shapes and colours, which means they attract attention, and can be erased and used again. That means you can leave messages or reminders that your family might actually read!

Keep tubs permanently labelled to store items you’re keeping and items you’re donating
. You can take the tubs to the room you’re organising, or keep the donating tub in a central place and use it on an ongoing basis when you find something you’d like to donate. They’re much stronger than plastic garbage bags, and can act as a subconscious reminder to keep aware of streamlining that pile of toys or clothes.

File your mail and paid bills each day. As the mail comes in, or you pay a bill, walk over to your filing system, and get them inside.

Save money on boxes by covering and reusing old boxes with opaque Avery labels. You can cover up what’s underneath, including old markings or labels and clearly identify what’s inside the box with a label that’s bright white.

Make a to-do list even more effective by making it a prioritised to-do list, so you can take care of what’s important first.

Get your children involved in keeping their rooms tidy. Make it fun by creating job cards for them using our Printable Inserts with Clear Adhesive Pockets. You can customise their cards with jobs using the free Avery Design & Print Online software. Then stick the pockets up on a bulletin board in a common area of the house, and tuck the chore cards inside.

Printable dividersWhen you have a big project to organise, such as a wedding or a home renovation, create a project folder. Start with a Caché by Avery Lever Arch Binder. And as you add your documents, such as quotations or payment schedules, you can build categories inside your folder with customisable Avery IndexMaker™ Dividers so you can easily find your paperwork.

Motivate yourself with rewards. A little incentive never hurt anyone. Set up key milestones within large projects, and when you reach them, treat yourself. Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee after you’ve completed a large mailing project at work, or go catch a movie after you’ve cleaned out the basement at home. Just remember to take a break and enjoy a little well-deserved fun.

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