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Twelve tips for Christmas fun
Twelve Tips For Christmas!
There are a lot of wonderful things about Christmas, but it can also be a very stressful time of the year. There are queues at every shop you go to, you can't always find what you're looking for, and there's nowhere to park! And there's an endless list of things to do. Ready or not, the Christmas season has arrived! But before you cry "Bah humbug," we've got a special treat for you. Take a look at twelve tips to help you during this hectic time of year.

ONE: On Your Mark, Get Set, Shop!
Braving the crowds at the shopping centre, or doing some online shopping? Make your shopping easier by doing your research and finding inspiration on social media such as using Pinterest. You can set up your own board of inspiration and start pinning ideas.

TWO: Gift Tags in a Pinch
Create personalised Christmas gift tags with Avery Printable Gift Tags. We've developed free Christmas templates for Avery Design & Print Online, that you can use to create and print unique gift tags for your friends and family.

THREE: Make Decorating a Family Affair
Don't take on the task of decorating yourself – involve the whole family. It's great for bonding, and also takes some of the load off you. You could make it a tradition: on the same weekend each year, you can decorate your Christmas tree, and enjoy some special occasion food and drink at the same time.

FOUR: Shopping Reminders
The last thing you want on the 23rd or 24th December (when you think you've finished your shopping) is to realise you've forgotten something critical to one of your special Christmas dishes. Baked vegetables just aren't the same if you've forgotten the potatoes! Take notes or write quick reminders to yourself on the Avery Peel and Stick.

FIVE: Memorable Magnets
Make Christmas memorable by designing and printing your own fridge magnets with Inspired Fridge Magnets. Personalise the magnets with a picture of your family or perhaps a calendar for the new year. They make great presents for others or for yourself.

SIX: Creative Christmas Clothing
Use Avery Colour T-shirt Transfers to create and print great t-shirts that your family can wear to carols by candlelight or on Christmas day.

SEVEN: Festive Food Favourites
Straight from your kitchen to your loved one's belly. For a scrumptious gift idea, create personalised recipe cards using Avery Postcards and free Christmas designs for Avery Design & Print Online and attach them to all your thoughtful kitchen creations.

EIGHT: Save Those Receipts
Don't lose your gift receipts during the Christmas hustle and bustle! Keep them safe with Martha Stewart Home Office™ with Avery™ Plastic Pocket in Medium. Keep it safely in a drawer or stuck to the fridge. You'll have the receipts right where you need them for any gift exchanges!

NINE: Personalised Host Gift
Need a gift for the party host? Create a personalised bottle of wine using Avery Textured Arched Labels and Avery Christmas designs. Our Textured Arched Labels will withstand cellar conditions and allow the wine to be stored in the fridge (they resist dirt, water and cope with cold temperatures. You can design your label with our free Christmas designs for Avery Design & Print Online – perhaps adding something like "Merry Christmas from the Barnes Family". You could pick up some clean skins at your local bottle shop and create a gift that will always remind recipients of you.

TEN: Name That Dish
What's on the menu? Make it easy for your guests to identify different dishes with Avery DL Invitations. These cards also make it easy to highlight special dishes such as vegetarian plates or food that contain items such as nuts for people with food allergies. You can even use free Christmas designs for Avery Design & Print Online to add the festive touch to your menu cards!

ELEVEN: Labelling Leftovers
Follow up the Christmas lunch with delicious leftovers for all your guests. Mark boxes with your guests' names using   Avery Freezer-safe Labels to give everyone a little something to take home.

TWELVE: Prepare for Next Year
Make sure family time applies for packing up the decorations - you don't need to be putting away a tree-full of decorations yourself in January while everyone else is at the beach! Why not try organising your decorations and labelling boxes with Avery Organisation Labels and Design & Print Online? Use identifiers like Tinsel, Balls, Fragile Ornaments, Outdoor Lights and Indoor Lights or label them according to their colour. They'll help decorating for Christmas 201 easier!

Nobody wants Christmas to be stressful! It's supposed to be the festive season! Some parts of it we have no control over, but there are little things you can do to help yourself. Don't be haunted by the stress of hectic Christmases past. With these tips under your belt, you can make this season a time that's less stress and anxiety, and more joy and celebration.

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